This Toy is Insanely Cool!

Miclik hasn’t limits. Build a castle or a flower, now an animal, a shield or a garment… Love the ingenious design which allows you to snap together and fold pieces in any direction for unlimited building possibilities. With miclick, your kids can create their own world. How many stories will your kids imagine playing?

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KITREX...Its Dino LOVE all the way!

A KitRex is a dinosaur-shaped puzzle craft. It is a flat-packed kit of paperboard pieces that you assemble to make a dinosaur.

It began as a homework assignment for Lisa Glover while at Lehigh University's Technical Entrepreneurship master's program. She had to demonstrate a manufacturing technique in a unique and interesting way. She chose Industrial Origami, a method for folding sheet metal into useful objects, and decided to make something fanciful- a 15ft long Velociraptor costume- made out of cardboard. She wore this to a Halloween party at school, and it was a hit! She never thought it would be anything more than that...

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